Most frequent questions and answers

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign with the use of crypto-assets as investment. A digital asset, the coin or the token, is issued for a purpose and are sold to raise money for the said purpose.

After the ICO process is done, the coins are traded on crypto-exchanges and market supply and demand decides on their fair pricing.

  • Being an early supporter; you will be in control of the initial capital of the coin once it is released into the market (Exchanges, etc…). This
    can be an amazing opportunity to make potential profit since you bought the cryptocurrency/token at it’s minimal worth (and might have got a
    bonus percentage at the same time.)
  • Unfortunately, no. US citizens and residents are not allowed to participate in the ICO due to US Security Law restrictions. We wholeheartedly respect all country laws in all locations we operate, and urge you to obtain more information regarding specific financial laws in your jurisdiction.

A token is a digital asset that ICOs issue. When investing in ICOs, you get tokens that offer the potential to earn profits. Tokens can serve as a surrogate for cash, title of ownership or any other asset.

A White Paper is a technical document, which is drawn in a free format by the ICO team. Generally, this document offers a complete description for the project: its concept and advantages as compared to similar projects, team and roadmap.

An exchange is a system (website or application), where you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency (token) for another one at the current prices. The prices move based on supply and demand, shown by traders

CDL is Ethereum ECR 20 standard token. 

Maximum supply of CDL Token is 400 000 000.

Most exchanges do not support adding new tokens and you will lose your tokens if you send from an exchange wallet. Your best bet would be to withdraw the cryptocurrency that you use for participation in an ICO and send it to a wallet.

CDL is an ERC20 token, meaning it can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets such as MyEtherWallet. 

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